Just opened: WAX ON, WAX OFF

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Time Out Chicago / Issue No. 86: Oct 19 - Oct 25, 2006

"Upon stepping into Trim, it’s clear from the numerous hair-removal tools, waxing stations and eager aestheticians that the waxing salon takes an obsessive approach to hair removal—in a good way. Trim carries vitamin-enriched waxes for different skin types and sensitivity levels, and sells products to help keep skin soft and smooth afterward (like bikini brushes and exfoliants). We started with the basic eyebrow clean-up treatment ($17) and were led to a reclining chair in a brightly lit workstation. She quickly transformed our unkempt brows into pretty curves. Next, we moved into a private room for a bikini wax ($25). Once again, our expert was speedy and adept with the wax. She even followed up with some tweezing (ouch) and extraction (double ouch) “to prevent future in-grown hairs.” We were skeptical, but it worked. Daring types may be so dazzled that they opt for something bolder—perhaps the anal brightening (yes, you read that right) or post-Brazilian crystal decal application? The menu has dozens of waxing, threading, tweezing and tinting options, so you can groom yourself from head to, er, bum." —Liz Plosser